facebook Share on Facebook A man chased his wife out of their matrimonial home after discovering in her WhatsApp conversations that she was paying another m,an for sex and sending him photographs of her private parts.

34-year-old Faith Mutema’s illicit affair with 34-year-old Tonderai of Eastlea was discovered by the former’s husband who was only identified as Patrick after he went through his wife’s mobile phone.
In the WhatsApp conversations, Faith would offer Tonderai some money to delay him going for work quench her sexual starvation at his apartment in Eastlea.
Patrick confronted Faith over the WhatsApp conversations and she admitted to adultery and in fear she led Patrick to Tonderai’s apartment. Faith collected her belongings together with their three kids and was driven by Patrick to Tonderai’s apartment where she was dumped.
The cheating mother of three however, later called her relatives who agreed to take her belongings to Greencroft where her sister lives.
Some of the ‘sext’ messages read:
Tonderai: yes babes
Faith: I want to make you suck my pus*y, thats your punnishment.
Tonderai: Take off your clothes in the meantime, I want to fu*k you
Faith: I’m already naked, you are the one whoz delaying
Faith: So should I transfer $65 (R680) into your account
Tonderai: If possible bring condoms
Faith: Where do I get dem @5pm?
Faith: Will c or else w kiss n cuddle
Tonderai: service station or w can just kiss
Faith: n I eat my lollipop, u suck your boobs u come I cum also then we sleep
Faith: morning
Tonderai: how are you
Faith: Its tasting like your lollipop can I come c u tmrw morning?
Tonderai: so wen problems knock @yo doorstep dats wen u cant do anything but to put yo mind only on wats daway forward to watz troubling u n gives u dapotential to chase yopayment or even look for money to solve the issues
Tonderai: Bonde ranetsa iri!! Can we have a break soz its like when eva we meet we need to fu*k
Faith: wat break, so we cant ju meet to talk. Its not like am after your manhood. Do you think if I really wanted sex I cant get it anywhere else besides having it with yu? Its all kul, I respect your bzness u can do whatever you wana do when you finish dealing with yo things w can meet. Cant take a break, not now. Will pass thru you place after dropping my sister.
Patrick said he is prepared to go for DNA tests after meeting Faith’s parents since their relationship started some time ago.
“I want to thank my uncle who advised me not to assault her or shoot her after discovering such things happening in my life. It pains much my brother when you look back and discover that all the time she was was saying ‘I am tired, we cannot have sex’ she had already enjoyed with Tonderai. I never assaulted Tonderai and he admitted and agreed to take her as his wife since he is not married. I will meet my in-laws for a way forward,” he said.
“I could not take Faith to her parents since Tonderai is the one who is wrecking my marriage and she will lead him to her parents so that they refund my lobola,” he added.
Tonderai said Faith lied to him that she had separated with her husband and was under pressure as she constantly demanded intercourse. “Faith lied tome that she had separated with her husband and I believed her because she was ever asking for sex that sometimes I would have it at their garage in her car and at my house,” said Tonderai.
“If you went through all our conversations for the past six months you discovered that I was under pressure from her as she demanded time for sex and paid me sometimes for delaying me to do my work. I can not take her as my wife since marriage is more to do with trust and honesty and if she was cheating her husband how can I trust her that she will be faithful to me. After all I had asked her for a break and I cant live together with Patrick’s kids as they are not mine. I have my 15 year old child also so I will hear from what her parents are going to say about this,” said Tonderai.
Faith begged the news crew to excuse her since she was still to face the reality of the fruits of her ‘hide my sausage’ spree.
“I have nothing more to say at this moment, only to say that I messed up and I am sorry to my husband about this. Please excuse me for now, I can not say anything more to answer those questions,” she said as she tried to evade the camera
When reporters left, Patrick was showing Faith’s sister the Whatsapp conversations and nude photographs she had sent to Tonderai.

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